The Apartment 3 months later: music wall

Well, I made a promise and I have certainly tarried with the deliver of it, but now here it is. This post is part of a series on what we did to the apartment. View all the posts here. You remember the apartment when we moved in. And we spent the first two months really setting up shop. One of our very best friends moved to Austin shortly after we did, and was looking for a short term and affordable place to rent; the perfect answer was our second bedroom. So, our “formal dining” room became my new office, we always have our friend around and it’s worked out perfectly. On today’s edition of “The Apartment 3 Months Later” we are taking a look at our instrument wall!




I actually saw a piece of art with this song reference before I ever heard the old crow medicine show song, Wagon Wheel and I was immediately intrigued. I “play” the guitar the way that all girls in high-school played guitar. I know major chords and that was enough to play every worship song from the late 90’s, so I never learned any more. While Josh, just recently got a banjo and is planning on taking lessons. We both said we wanted to hang the instruments up rather than have them in their cases in a closet, so this wall idea was born. I worked with a lovely woman on Etsy to get the vinyl, and at the last second, we decided to add the letters at a 90 degree angle to better fill the wall space. I think it worked out SO well. I’m finding that I play more, if I can just take the guitar down from the wall and then put it back there.


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