The Apartment 3 months later: Swings

Well, I made a promise and I have certainly tarried with the deliver of it, but now here it is. This post is part of a series on what we did to the apartment. View all the posts here. You remember the apartment when we moved in. And we spent the first two months really setting up shop. One of our very best friends moved to Austin shortly after we did, and was looking for a short term and affordable place to rent; the perfect answer was our second bedroom. So, our “formal dining” room became my new office, we always have our friend around and it’s worked out perfectly. On today’s edition of “The Apartment 3 Months Later” we are taking a look at our porch swings.
Our “back porch” is about 10 square feet of cement and doesn’t have much going on. We tried keeping some things out there, but sadly, they were stolen. The only storage space out there is where the washer and dryer hook up. We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do. I didn’t want to risk buying some cute patio furniture and having it stolen. So, I decided I wanted classic swings, so we could sit out there and gently rock on our two swings and talk about our day. We got about 45 feet of rope and a 2 x 10 board  and then I sat inside fanning myself and being fed grapes while Josh labored away (okay not really, but I feel that way when he’s working hard and I’m not). Like everything Josh does, it came out perfectly. So now, we swing – and it’s the cutest darn thing you’ve ever seen.


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