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Clothing Chronicles: Soft Pants


Tank | Cardi | Pants | Shoes | Hat | Necklace

Can we take a minute to talk about soft pants? Where was this trend when I was in college, showing up to class in pajama pants? It wasn’t cute then. Apparently, it is now. Let me break it down for you; soft pants are PJ pants with back pockets that look like they belong on dress pants. Basically, soft pants are everything good. The ease and laziness of yoga pants, without the unflattering cling to the cellulite that’s determined to stay on the back of my thighs forever. Last night we went bowling with a bunch of people from Josh’s work (it was a blast, if you haven’t been to The Goodnight – you should go to there). Anyway, I got to try my new soft pants outfit which is now the cutest outfit I own (links to where you can get each piece are above). I felt put together, but as comfortable as if I was hanging out at the house. I wore flip flops for about an hour, before rocking bowling shoes for the rest of the night. Right before we walked out of the house, I threw on my old go-to fedora that has some how stood the test of time, my new red cardigan and the Tiffany’s necklace that Josh got me for Christmas, to finish off my look. Hope you liked it and that I have inspired some of you to go shopping!


something new from an old fav

I have it on PRETTY GOOD authority that Made By Millionayres is going to start carrying these awesome bow ties for men! (They already carry bow ties for little boys!) Now when you swing by Etsy to pick up your favorite earring, you can get something for your man as well!

Also, thank you MbM for sending Josh this preview of your new product line! Y’all are amazing!


the color of the season

I mean no offense to your pumpkin spice lattes, and this isn’t intended as a slight toward pumpkin pie. I have the greatest admiration for the pumpkin pie donut at dunking donuts and immense respect for every pumpkin patch.

But I’m skipping orange. This fall season, I’m going straight to cranberry. Berry Charm by Sinful colors is my pick for this months mani-pedi hue.

What’s your nail color right now?

Giving new life to an old pendant

photo 1I’m fairly certain this is made out of whale bone, very sure that it was my Grandmothers, and 100% positive it has been in my jewelry box for a decade and I’ve never worn it. It’s never even been on a chain. But, I’m trying to really use what I have since we’re down to one income these days.
photo 2So, I used a 40% off coupon for Joannes, and got 100 inches of beautiful brassy colored necklace chain. I really only wear long necklaces with pendants these days, and 100″ will enable me to make 3 to 4 long necklaces for the $2 this set me back.
photo 3So grab your needle nose pliers and get to work, open up the little ring at the top and slip on the two ends of the chain. I just wrapped it around me, found a length I liked, and cut it with the pliers.
photo 4Then use the needle nose to gently close it back up.
photo 5It’s a little small to be a single long pendant, but I don’t mind. It’s cool to be wearing something of my Grandmas because word on the street is, that lady had a style like no other.

Now, next time I find a big pendant I like, I’ll be ready!

fixing up a thrift store find

Why hello, green sweater vest. I took this gem home with me from Goodwill for around $1. At the time, all the buttons were attached, but that quickly changed. So, now it’s time to spruce it up… I never liked the green buttons on the green sweater anyway. Now to give it a new look, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.
photo 2 Stitch rip the rest of the buttons out… if this left holes too big, then sew those closed.
photo 3Sew on fabulous tortoise shell buttons with a contrasting thread color like orange. Also, try only doing straight horizontal stitches instead of an X pattern into all four holes for a little more interesting look.
photo 4You’re done and it looks fabulous…reward yourself with another cup of coffee.

I hope this opens your eyes a little bit so next time you’re thrifting, you can see that just because things aren’t perfect on the hanger, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t come home with you. Let me know what you find, and how you fix it up.

Dressing Josh

So I have this (not very) deep, (not very) dark, (not very) secret. I occasionally try to recreate Men’s Fashion pins with Josh as my model. Most of the time he’s better looking than the models anyway… Here are some of the instances.
photo 1-1 photo 2-1
He’s seriously, SUCH a good sport. Does anyone else dress their husband like this? I can’t be the only one…


My go-to work outfit

MyGoToWorkOutfitThis is probably my number one go-to work outfit. I wear this combo more than any other. It’s simple and comfortable, but the dress holds its shape enough for me to feel professional. I’ve worn this dress from Old Navy about once a week for over a year. These are the shoes I wear most days to work. Through a series of uninteresting events, the dress code for shoes where I work has gotten bizarrely strict (shoes alone takes up 3 color pages with photos in the dress code manual). Anyway, these bad boys (from rack room shoes) fit within the strict guidelines for flats, and unless I’m getting fancy, they’re on my feet every day. My Owl pendant was a gift from my sister for Christmas, and word on the street is she got it on the cheap off amazon, and my prescription glasses will run you around $10 at

What’s your most worn ensemble?

work wear: a new dress

If you're a dress without pockets, you're not a dress for me.

If you’re a dress without pockets, you’re not a dress for me.

On average, at any given time, it’s pretty safe to say the total cost of anything I’m wearing is around $20. Between thrifting and sticking to stores like Ross and Marshalls, the very small amount of money I have available to spend on clothes goes much much further. Today is no exception. I bought the dress this week at Ross and I was so excited about it! I think it’s beautiful, and I meant to take pictures of it before I worked all day, so it wouldn’t be wrinkled, but I totally forgot. C’est la vie. It’s still pretty, though in need of an iron. Here is the dress, a bargain at $11.99 and it has pockets. If you’re a dress without pockets, you’re not a dress for me! The shoes were on clearance at Payless a few years ago and cost me around $6.