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Kittens and Babies and Everything Nice

Well, last night Josh and I went and adopted two little baby kittens, they are brother and sister and so adorable.  After MUCH back and forth, we named them Boba (the boy) and Prim (the girl)…yes, we named the boy after Star Wars and the girl after the Hunger Games, so what?

Anyway, Josh and I may have only dated for eight months before we got married, but I’ve known him for several years. I realized last night, however, that in all those years I’d known him it had always been in the same type of situations and not one involved the care of animals or babies or anything helpless. So, last night I saw my husband take on the role of caretaker for the first time.

My mother (who is full of wisdom) encouraged us to get a pet in order to defer the desire to have a baby which has started to occur in me lately. I’m almost twenty-five it was bound to happen sometime.

So we get home with our new little babies who weigh less than three pounds combined and I watch Josh take to these kittens like a fish to water. Now, taking to kittens isn’t hard to do as they are the most adorable little things ever, but he took to feeding them, scooping the litter box, cleaning Boba (he is a messy little eater) and all the other not so fun aspects that come with having pets.

So my mom’s theory pretty much becomes void at this point. I have never been more certain that I picked the right husband or that he will be a phenomenal father. Instead of stemming my baby cravings, seeing all this had the opposite effect.  I can’t wait to see him interact with our children some day, but I know it’s not the time for that yet.

So, ladies and gentlemen, our furry little babies: Boba(fett) & Prim(rose)

Boba and Prim

Boba and Prim