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The office continues

Well, the office/sitting room is coming alone nicely. I have all the furniture I think I’m going to get, but not a whole lot on the walls just yet. Still, I thought I would show you all what’s going where and where those things came from.

img_6047^ChairSide TableDIY PillowOttoman/PoufPlexiglass Sign^

FullSizeRender^Better Shot of the Plexiglass Sign and my cute cat^
img_6049^TV StandSimilar BasketsSimilar TVDrawer Pulls^
img_6048^DeskChairDrawer Pulls^

That’s all for now. I’ll update y’all when I add more to the walls. So far, I’m loving it and I hope you are too.


A nice little office 


The long term plan for the 4th bedroom in our new house is for it to be a nursery, but only God knows when that will actually be needed. So, for now, I’m making myself a nice little office and sitting room with a my little old TV and a whole lot of cuteness. I’m trying to pick some affordable pieces of furniture that in the future could be used in a nursery so I don’t end up having to replace everything. Here’s a shot of some cute stuff on my desk. I’ll show y’all more as it develops. Yay for rooms to decorate!