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The Other Adora



I’ve had my name on my license plate for years. Originally it was a gift from my Pop and I’ve been more than happy to pay the $25 a year to keep it. Now that we’re a one car couple however, Josh drives it more than I do (which I’m totally fine with). Cut to a few weeks ago.

Josh was driving to work after dropping me at my work and mini van pulls up next to him. The mini van proceeds to quickly reverse and pull back far enough to see the back of our XB and then drives back to be at his side and the couple in the van motion for him to roll down his window. I would have ignored this and stared straight ahead, but sweet Josh complies.

The couple ask him what his license plate means and he responds that it is his wife’s name. GUESS WHAT? It is ALSO the name of the woman in the minivan! There is another Adora here in south Florida! While, I’ll never give up my plate, other adora, I’m glad to know you’re out there. This one’s for you!

[the other] Adora