Take me out to the date night

Summer is in our rear view mirror, and with it, baseball season. So, a few weeks ago Josh and I drove up to Round Rock to see the Round Rock Express play! I normally hate beer, but at a baseball game, it seems so de rigueur and it was actually delicious. We had no idea that tickets to a Triple-A game would be so affordable, I think we paid $16 each, which left plenty of date night money for beer, hot-dogs and peanuts. It was a blast! Come next April, especially if you have a local Triple-A team near you, consider heading out to a game instead of dinner & a movie. I guarantee, you’ll love it.


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  1. Tess says:

    Snacks are the best part of going to games! Now that it’s colder you should check out the Texas Stars hockey games. They have a lot of specials on food and tickets, and it was mostly really fun (fights in hockey skates make me nervous though)!

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