vegan fare in atx

Just a few miles east of downtown Austin there exists an oasis of delicious food vegan called Counter Culture. I’ve been vegan sporadically during different parts of my life and vegan food holds a very special place in my heart.IMG_0156.JPGIMG_0153.JPGIMG_0154.JPGIMG_0152.JPGIMG_0155.JPGSo, the other day Josh took me on a wonderful date night to this amazing restaurant. We both had the basil lemonade that they make with basil but they grow in their own garden. I have a raw version of vegan ravioli with a vegan Cesar salad and roasted root vegetables. Josh had an vegan version of what they called baked “chicken fried steak” but it looked more like meatloaf with smashed lima beans (sounds weird but was delicious) all covered in delicious vegan gravy. We finished our night out by splitting a piece of raw avocado vegan key lime pie. Our waitress was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen and super knowledgeable about everything vegan and especially about everything on the menu. So, if you’re ever near Austin and jonesing for some amazing raw and/or vegan fare make your way over to Counter Culture at 2337 E Cesar Chavez St.


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