wood & vinegar

Along with most women who spend a considerable amount of time pinteresting (that shouldn’t be a word, but I’m pretending it is), I have heard that vinegar and steel wool can combine their home cleaning powers and actually become a wood stain alternative. This week, I finally had a reason to test it out. A friend of ours asked Josh to build a little stand to put cupcakes on at her wedding. For germ reasons, we wanted to start with new wood, not scrap wood. I added the steel wool to a glass bowl, poured white vinegar over that until it was covered and then dumped a scoop of coffee grounds in for good measure. Then I covered that bowl with a plate, because vinegar smells horrible.

So, Josh rubbed the vinegar mix on with the steel wool and about an hour later, we had this awesome antique look! It worked as well as everyone has been saying it would, but word to the wise: give it time to dry. This was a late night project for us and the house smelled like vinegar for a whole day while the wood dried.

Anyway, give it a try, we love the way it turned out!

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