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No wall is safe!

I am getting bored with the look of my bathrooms and I have some extra paint. Therefore, NO WALL IS SAFE! I also happened upon this brilliant post on Pinterest (nicely) instructed Josh to do “This exact same thing” to our bathroom short separation wall. Our walls were already a tan(ish) color so we only had to add the stripes, and even though the contrast isn’t as drastic as my inspiration blog, I seriously love it so much, it’s subtle but commanding.

1 2 3
Now, to decorate everything else in this bathroom and the guest! Also, to change the burnt out light bulbs… These pictures are so dark!


October is already here?! How did that happen? Time to start making things look like fall, though here in south Florida, they’ll never FEEL like fall. Meet my first fall project, Mason Jar lid Pumpkin:
pumpkin mason jar

So easy and so cute!
What is your first fall project?

Bike Update on the make over

A few months back I showed you all the fun and easy ways I was updating my bike here. I liked the basket I put on it well enough but then I found a wicker basket that matched the basket on my handle bars and I HAD to have on my bike. So here she is, new basket looking so pretty.
basket update
We just used those plastic zip ties to secure it. I can’t even stand how cute it is! I’m going to grocery shop with this thing so much…

Make-up tutorial {Minimalist-Neutral-Cat-Eyes}

I love cat eyes. I do not however, see the wisdom in wearing heavy makeup to work on the daily. This morning though, I felt like doing something other than my normal make up routine, so I bring you… Minimalist-Neutral-Cat-Eyes.
1) Take a wide thin brush (similar to the one that comes included in the Naked pallet by Urban Decay)
2) Tap on some sparkly dark brown shadow
3) Starting about 3/4 of the way into your eye, sweep the brush just above the lash line all the way out past the end of your eye (creating the soft cat eye)
4) Add a little black eye liner just below the lash line on the inside of the lid near the cat eye streak

Add your brown mascara, a little blush, some chap stick, highlight your brow, and you’re ready to go.


Giving new life to an old pendant

photo 1I’m fairly certain this is made out of whale bone, very sure that it was my Grandmothers, and 100% positive it has been in my jewelry box for a decade and I’ve never worn it. It’s never even been on a chain. But, I’m trying to really use what I have since we’re down to one income these days.
photo 2So, I used a 40% off coupon for Joannes, and got 100 inches of beautiful brassy colored necklace chain. I really only wear long necklaces with pendants these days, and 100″ will enable me to make 3 to 4 long necklaces for the $2 this set me back.
photo 3So grab your needle nose pliers and get to work, open up the little ring at the top and slip on the two ends of the chain. I just wrapped it around me, found a length I liked, and cut it with the pliers.
photo 4Then use the needle nose to gently close it back up.
photo 5It’s a little small to be a single long pendant, but I don’t mind. It’s cool to be wearing something of my Grandmas because word on the street is, that lady had a style like no other.

Now, next time I find a big pendant I like, I’ll be ready!

fixing up a thrift store find

Why hello, green sweater vest. I took this gem home with me from Goodwill for around $1. At the time, all the buttons were attached, but that quickly changed. So, now it’s time to spruce it up… I never liked the green buttons on the green sweater anyway. Now to give it a new look, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.
photo 2 Stitch rip the rest of the buttons out… if this left holes too big, then sew those closed.
photo 3Sew on fabulous tortoise shell buttons with a contrasting thread color like orange. Also, try only doing straight horizontal stitches instead of an X pattern into all four holes for a little more interesting look.
photo 4You’re done and it looks fabulous…reward yourself with another cup of coffee.

I hope this opens your eyes a little bit so next time you’re thrifting, you can see that just because things aren’t perfect on the hanger, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t come home with you. Let me know what you find, and how you fix it up.

Spotlight on a champion

In my sisters house they have a big loft area that has become the kids play area. It’s perfect for them…except for the fact that that it’s…a loft. It has a half wall that drops straight down to the tile floor below. This wasn’t a big deal until my sister and her husband had a boy. My nephew Weston is as boy as they come and climbing things is just one of his ways. So, like the awesome Dad he is, my bother in law decided to finish that wall up to the ceiling. I just want to show you all his efforts and what a good dad he is.

gathering supplies

he had to spend a few hours in the attic on a hot summer (in florida) day

in the home stretch

now on to the door

door frame ready to have a door put in (already safe for the kid-o’s)


Oh, also, they’re on a budget that makes Josh and Me look like we’re rolling in it, so he’s doing this all himself. Like I said, Champion. Way to go, Chris!