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Some Dive

One thing is certain, here in Austin, there is no shortage of dive bars. I love it. So many little communities of beer connoisseurs, in their very own episode of cheers. I am also lucky enough that after a long day at the office, my husband still wants to hang out with me, and not just ‘the guys’ (who he will eventually have a very large local group of, I’m sure). So, the other night Josh picked me up after work,¬†we drove around and found some bar, in a strip mall, that wasn’t very clearly named and just hung out. Had some drinks, deep fried foods, and awesome conversation.20140604-171236-61956165.jpg20140604-171236-61956961.jpg20140604-171238-61958712.jpg20140604-171237-61957776.jpg
I am a very very very lucky girl.