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My sweet smart successful husband has been caught up (along with a large part of the rest of America) in the Pokemon Go craze. Normally new video games means I don’t hear much from him for a few days, but this is a totally different thing. He wants to get OUT of the house as soon as he’s done with work. He wants to walk as many miles as he can for some egg hatch something. For years it’s been hard to get him to agree to work out, and now he’s sneakingly bringing my walking shoes and sun screen when we go to brunch so we can walk around afterwards. Yes, he’s catching Pokemon during this time, but we’ve never spent this much time just walking and talking. So partners of nerds PokemonGo players, reframe this if you’re having a hard time with it. Go with them. You don’t have to play, I certainly don’t; just enjoy the season of video games inspiring fitness and long long walks just holding hands… until they have to catch the next Pokemon.

P.S. I will say though, it’s been nearly 100 degrees every day in Austin and some days these outings seriously drain me. LOL