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Yeah, I’m this crazy

One aspect of my 2016 focus on health has been taking supplements every night before bed. I currently take 3 in addition to my daily vitamin. What’s bothered me for a while now is how messy those pill bottles make my nightstand look. So for a few weeks i’ve looked online for a way to display pills within easy reach in a prettier way (I know, I’m crazy). I can’t just keep them in the bathroom or kitchen because I will legitimately forget about them. Then a few weekends ago, I was at Anthro and came across this beauty and it was like the lightbulb went on, the clouds parted, my wallet opened and I was coming home with a plan. I have to say, it’s working out really well. I don’t have to open 3 bottles every night and to the unsuspecting eye, it’s just a jewelry case. Obviously this wouldn’t be a good plan for a household with babies, but until that day comes – welcome to my pharmacy. Josh said it looks like a drug dealing grandma, and he’s probably right; I just choose to believe that’s really hot right now.