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Pork Stuffed Baked Apples

According to Instagram, I made these bad boys about 45 weeks ago and I’m just now getting around to blogging about them. So much fail. This delicious idea is worth sharing though, so let’s begin.


1. Make some stove top stuffing as directed and set aside.
2. Over medium heat sauté chopped celery, apple, and red onion until slight softened.
3. Brown ground pork with some honey, cinnamon, Rosemary, and whatever else strikes your pork-fancy.
4. Combine the pork, the sautéd onion mix, and the stove top stuffing and mix them well.
5. Figure out a way to hollow out apples. (there’s no really easy way to go about this. I cut the tops off and tried to use a knife, then a melon baller, then a spoon. The melon baller is your best bet.)
6. Stuff the hollowed out apples with the pork mix and add them to a glass baking dish with a bit of water at the bottom of it.
7. Bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes and enjoy! They tasted like Christmas, and I wasn’t mad about it.


moonshine chicken

This chicken has nothing to do with moonshine. But that sounds cool, right? It’s also the name of the restaurant where I first tried this amazing combination and have been meaning to recreate it for some time. Alas, the other night, I finally did. But I’ll let you look at the good stuff (the pictures) before I bother blabbing on about how to do this.
chicken recipe
chicken recipe
chicken recipe
chicken recipe
chicken recipe
chicken recipe
chicken recipe
chicken recipe

Let’s work our way up to the chicken. First, I added my asparagus and mini potatoes into a roasting dish. The purple potatoes were the largest ones so I cut them in half, so everything would roast evenly. Then olive oil and salt, and 40 minutes at 375 degrees later, they’re good to go.

So, while they’re roasting, toss your half stick of butter, your capers, some garlic (minced), and the juice of 1/2 a lemon into a tiny pot and set it on the lowest low. [I did a whole lemon and it was too lemony for me] If together for too long the lemon does weird stuff to the butter, so exercise caution.

Whisk your egg with a bit of water and dredge your raw chicken through the egg wash, and then through the almond flour. [extra points for adding salt and pepper and any other seasoning you like to the flour – on it’s own it’s not very flavorful] Then once both chicken cutlets are covered in almond flour add them to your medium-high pan with olive oil and cook all the way through.

Hopefully you timed this pretty well, starting to cook your chicken when your veggies have about 15 minutes left.

Plate the chicken, asparagus, and potatoes, then spoon your butter sauce over the chicken and serve! If you give it a try, let me know how it turns out! Happy Eating!

chicken cutlets
almond flour
1 egg
1/2 stick of Butter
olive oil
mini potatoes
salt and pepper


Loaded Baked Potatoes

Today was one of those days where I didn’t think anything in my kitchen could be put together and make an actual meal, but I was not in the mood to grocery shop. Josh and I are fasting sugar, alcohol, and caffeine for the month of February, so our take out options are limited (everything in America, it seems, is made with sugar). Fortunately, I found the bag of organic potatoes that I had almost forgotten about and realized I could have a loaded baked potato bar ready in an hour. So, using up my green onions that were a day away from going bad, the last 4 pieces of bacon, and a tiny wedge of cheddar, we potatoed it up for our late Saturday lunch. It’s pretty basic and self explanatory, but directions are below if you need/want them.
Olive oil
Sour cream
Cheddar cheese
Bacon pieces
Green onion

Clean potatoes
Puncture with a fork about 10 times
Drizzle EVOO & salt
Wrap in foil
Bake for an hour at 425° in the oven
Microwave bacon & chop up


winter chili

It’s been in the 30’s for over a week here in Austin. For Florida kids like Josh and me, it’s an entirely new experience. Not a good one. So, we spent this freezing weekend lazing about the house and I made some much needed chili.

2 cans busch’s chili beans
1 can red kidney beans (drained)
1 can corn drained
1 can diced roasted tomatoes
1/2-1 cup water
1 lb. ground beef (browned)***
1 packet chili mix powder
2-5 cloves of garlic
1 sweet onion chopped & sautéed
salt and pepper taste

Combine in a stock pot, bring up to a boil, and turn down to simmer. Simmer for a few hours.
Serve with cornbread or rice, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and green onion.

***leave out the ground beef to make vegetarian chili

Whip up a batch for yourself next time it’s cold outside and let me know how it turns out!


roasted root veggie pizza

This little delight came from a night of very naughty behavior. I had spent hours chopping root veggies and roasted them with evoo, salt, and chopped garlic. However, after all that work, I frowned at my delicious roasted veggies and thought, “I want a cheeseburger” so the veggies went in the fridge and Josh and I went to McDonald’s. I told you, very naughty.

The next night I picked up some goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, and pre-made wheat pizza crust. It turned out wonderfully and got Josh’s stamp of approval – something that’s very hard to get on a vegetarian dish.
IMG_0673.JPG IMG_0674.JPG IMG_0676.JPG IMG_0677.JPG
I add some tomato sauce to the crust and pre-bake it per the package instructions. Then, I add more tomato sauce, some mozzarella, the roasted veggies, goat cheese, and more mozzarella on top.

1 refrigerated pizza crust
Tomato sauce
Goat cheese
Fresh Mozzarella
Roasted: sweet potato, red onion, beets, butternut squash, Brussels sprouts


these eggs are the devil

The other night I made deviled eggs for Josh’s office Christmas party. Josh loves my deviled eggs and even bought a egg carrying container for the night, so I know he was taking them seriously. This recipe is a play on the deviled eggs my grandpa would make every Thanksgiving. He would never tell anyone the “recipe” but you could make it with him- and if you were paying attention, you could learn.

Add eggs into a stock pot and cover with 2 inches of water. Bring eggs in water to a boil over medium high heat. As soon as water boils cover with lid and turn off heat. Let sit with the lid on for 13 minutes. Add eggs to ice water for about 5 minutes and after that peel the shells off. I tend to this over a trash can in the living room while watching TV. The more you hurry, the more likely you are going to end up with ugly, mangled eggs.
IMG_0625.JPG IMG_0627.JPG IMG_0628.JPG IMG_0630.JPG
Cut the eggs and add all the yolks to a bowl. Add all the other ingredients and mash it all together until it’s smooth. I gave some amounts to add below but this step is really to your preference. Add the mashed up yolks to a piping bag and pipe onto the eggs. Dust each egg with paprika. If you have some heat lovers try dusting with paprika and cayenne pepper.
IMG_0633.JPG IMG_0634.JPG IMG_0635.JPG IMG_0636.JPG IMG_0637.JPG IMG_0639.JPG
There you have it. It’s easy in concept, there are just a lot of steps. Refrigerate until you’re ready to eat! Let me know how your egg-ventures go!

1 dozen eggs
1 tbsp. Dijon mustard
1/3 cup juice of sweet gherkin pickles
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. paprika for mix
Extra paprika for dusting eggs


Fall is here! Let’s beef stew.

-Cube the steak and add to crock pot
-Mix up flour and cornstarch with rosemary salt and pepper & paprika
-Dust the cubed steak with dry mix and stir to evenly coat everything
-Chop potatoes, carrots, onion & celery and add to crock pot
-Mix tomato paste and half beef broth and then poor over crockpot contents
-Add the rest of the broth until it pretty much covers everything
-Add a bay leaf and set your crockpot on low for 8 hours or high for 4-6 (try to stir occasionally)

-2 pounds steak
-4 to 6 yellow potatoes
-4 stocks of celery
-5 large carrots
-1 small yellow onion
-Large container of beef broth
-2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
-small can of tomato paste
-Paprika, Rosemary, bay leaf, salt and pepper to taste
-1/4 c. flour (or a little less, just enough to cover the beef)
-5 tbsp. Corn starch (Mix 3 tbsp with the flour mixture and add 2 tbsp to the pot later on while stirring to make the sauce thick like a gravy)

Serve with warm bread from the oven. That’s what I need to learn next: artisan round loaves. Stay tuned for that. Happy Stewing!


Basic PB Cookie



It’s a classic for a reason and it’s easy as can be. Here’s all you need for a batch of yummy peanut butter cookies.

1cup sugar
1 stick softened butter
1 cup peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 cup flour

Mix it up. Place it on the cookie sheet. Make crisscross shape with fork (dip the fork in water between cookies so it doesn’t stick) and then bake for 15 min at 350°.


black bean enchiladas

Really this should be called, one of the FEW vegetarian dishes my husband gets excited about.
20140604-171307-61987734.jpgBlend Blend Blend a whole avocado and both cans of black beans that have been strained and rinsed. Use a heavy hand with the salt and squeeze in half the lime. If you’re NOT like me, and have a decent food processor, this shouldn’t take too long. Add some verde salsa to keep it getting smoother.
Chop Chop Chop your onion and cilantro, then sautee them with some evoo and salt until very tender, then add the can of green chilies and keep cooking until pretty soft. Squeeze in the other half of the lime. Then add this mixture slowly to the already blended black bean/avocado mixture and blend it in.
20140604-171306-61986918.jpgQuarter your string cheese and chop up your green onion. The end is in site.
20140604-171306-61986180.jpgWith your small tortillas add a quarter of the string cheese and a big scoop of the bean mixture, and then roll.
20140604-171305-61985353.jpgPlace your rolled enchiladas seam side down in a dish that has some of the red enchilada sauce on the bottom, this will keep them from sticking.
20140604-171304-61984453.jpgPour the entire can (or two cans) of enchilada sauce over the rolled tortillas, top with the shredded mozzarella and add green onion. Bake for 20 minutes on 350 and serve.

flour tortillas (extra points for organic)
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella
2 string cheese sticks
2 cans of black beans (drained and rinsed)
1 whole avocado
1 can green chilies
1 large can red enchilada sauce (or two small ones)
1/2 jar verde salsa
1 white onion
handful of cilantro
1 lime
2-3 green onion sprigs

P.S. If you don’t make a TON of enchiladas, you will have black bean mixture left over – this makes a great bean dip/nacho topper.


sweet & spicy brussels sprouts

I thought up this gem…well, because I have yet to find a farmers market here in Austin, so I didn’t have any honey on hand. I almost always cook my Brussels sprouts the same way: balsamic, evoo, salt, tiny bit of honey. boom. done.
Well, my Brussels sprouts were getting soft, and I still had no honey on hand – so this little monster of a recipe was born.
First, mix the salt and sugar and heavily dust those onto the faces of the halved Brussels.  Get your black pepper, and cayenne and lightly dust the tops with those. Then, pour the Sriracha vinegar mixture over, getting some one each piece. Finally, drizzle your olive oil over the top and pop it in the oven.
Finally, throw some sesame seeds on the top to look pretty, and you’re done.

1-2 tbsp. sugar
1/2-1 tbsp. salt
black pepper to preference
cayenne powder to preference
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar (with 2tsp. sriracha mixed in)
e.v.o.o. enough to lightly coat the sprouts
sesame seeds

400 degrees for 30 minutes.