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bri came bri saw bri conquered

So a few weeks ago, my best friend flew all the way to Austin from San Fran to spend the last few hours of her birthday with me! (Also, you know, to visit me, see Austin, hang with the nieces & nephew, the usual reasons for a trip) Anyway, it was amazing. I can’t even express how right it felt to have my best friend in my city. If you didn’t already know I’m in a long term campaign to convince her to move here with her Husband once they start their family. I think this trip helped my cause. I had the best time, and promised Bri that I would return the favor and come visit her, which I am doing in 3 short weeks. Stay tuned for that! For now, just look how cute she is:

Briana LyndonBriana LyndonBriana Lyndonb2


MillionAyres Button Earrings

They have arrived! The MillionAyres Etsy store is chockablock FULL of these adorable button earrings for $5 max. I was so excited when the package came, I wanted to unwrap it with you all! Let’s begin…
photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 6

Seriously, got get your hands on a pair! They are light weight and comfortable, not to mention adorable. They’re my new favorite thing! I also got a pair of leopard print ones. Which one are you going to order?

In case you were wondering…

In case you were wondering what great photography looks like…look no further than Amy Horn’s work. You can see some of it on her blog, but I just came across this photo of Josh and my best friends, Devin and David from their engagement shoot early last year and I can’t even stand how lovely it is. They’re beautiful people (obviously), and the photography in and of itself is outstanding.

So if you’re in South Florida and need a photographer, I would try and get Amy.



Why my salt is pink


pretty in pink

Why is my salt pink? Well, Briana told me about originally, but I think An Organic Wife explained it best:

We’ve all been taught that salt is necessary but should be used in extreme moderation for the greatest health, especially normal blood pressure. This is true. Kind of.

Table salt, and even sea salt, are devoid of most nutrients, and should be limited or eliminated. The salt you should be using is Himalayan Salt, also called Pink Himalayan Salt or Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

Himalayan Salt contains the same 84 minerals and nutrients found in the human body. Table salt is processed to remove almost all of these minerals and nutrients. This is why table salt is pure white and Himalayan Salt has a pink tint to it. Most salt companies add one mineral back in – iodine. Iodine is essential to health, and a lack of it causes the most obvious disease, goiter. Goiter often leads to the thyroid disease called hypothyroidism.

If we’re comparing salt to sugar, table salt is the equivalent of white sugar, and Himalayan Salt is the equivalent of sucanat. Himalayan Salt is unrefined and unprocessed. It is mined by hand from 250 million year old salt caves in the Himalayan Mountain Range, which means that it is untouched by most toxins and pollutants that pervert regular sea salt.

Just a few of the health benefits of using Himalayan Salt include: it is anti-aging, replenishes electrolytes, reduces muscles cramps, regulates blood pressure, prevents cellulite, promotes sinus health, and increases bone health.

One of the other great things about Himalayan Salt is that you really cannot use too much. The daily recommended amount of regular table salt is about ¼ teaspoon. Since Himalayan Salt is used and assimilated by the body it can be used more freely. If you’re nervous about it and need a number, then know that one full teaspoon of Himalayan Salt a day is not unreasonable! Contrary to popular belief, we do not use more salt than was used centuries ago. In fact, our ancestors used great amounts of salt to preserve meats way before the refrigerator ever came around. The exception is for those whose diet is mostly processed or fast food.

You can find Himalayan Salt at most health food stores. To ensure that it is true Himalayan Salt, it should be pink in color; this may be light to dark pink. In addition, this type of salt is actually safe for animals and can increase their vitality.


It tastes just as good as (if not better than) white table salt, but it’s so much better for you! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Sponsor Highlight: MillionAyres

The Ayres: one good looking family

Meet Michelle Ayres. Full time mom, amazing wife, kick butt sister,  crafter extraordinaire, occasional crime [read: bugs] fighter. She is my sister, and she is rad. She also runs the blog and has an Etsy store that will BLOW YOUR MIND! I have sister on the brain since Josh & I had the chance to go see her and her babies last week. So make sure you go check out that blog, shop it up in that Etsy store, and check back tomorrow for Michelle’s delicious allergy free pancake recipe.