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bri came bri saw bri conquered

So a few weeks ago, my best friend flew all the way to Austin from San Fran to spend the last few hours of her birthday with me! (Also, you know, to visit me, see Austin, hang with the nieces & nephew, the usual reasons for a trip) Anyway, it was amazing. I can’t even express how right it felt to have my best friend in my city. If you didn’t already know I’m in a long term campaign to convince her to move here with her Husband once they start their family. I think this trip helped my cause. I had the best time, and promised Bri that I would return the favor and come visit her, which I am doing in 3 short weeks. Stay tuned for that! For now, just look how cute she is:

Briana LyndonBriana LyndonBriana Lyndonb2