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literary struggle

Let me get this out of the way, I freaking LOVE my kindle. No matter how long a book I want to read is, my kindle is always just a few ounces. I have read nearly 100 books on my kindle and I highly HIGHLY recommend it. Also, thank you to my amazing friend Lindsay Barta for giving me this magical gift a few years ago.

kindle e-books however, cost money. Library books do not. The broward county library does have an e-book loan system, but the titles are so sparse and out dated, and even those are checked out but they pretty much have nothing that I actually want to read.

I love reading, it’s probably my number one hobby. (Yes, that’s kind of sad.) These days, our budget is tighter than ever, so what do I do? Not rhetorical here, genuinely, what do I do? Is real books from the library my only option?

What would you do?