AIP Berry Panna Cotta

Over 4th of July weekend I had my parents in town who are the healthiest people I know. My mom follows a diet called Auto Immune Protocol which is as strict as the name makes it sound. I wanted her to have some dessert so I went about making this paleo and AIP dessert by Sweet Treats. For some reason how jello-like the texture was surprised me, I was expecting more creamy texture but once I got over that, I really enjoyed it. Here are some photos of the process. See the link above for directions and ingredients.



Paleo Quiche

I’ll go more into this later, but for the last few months I’ve been trying to eat more Paleo after a month of Whole 30. So, the other week I got around to making this little gem. Probably more work than it’s worth, but if you like to meal prep your breakfasts for the week, this could be the way to go.

img_5504img_5505BIRU-WP-20160529T101823GMT-0500.jpgBIRU-WP-20160529T110423GMT-0500.jpgimg_5510img_5511*pro tip: if you want to blog about making this, maybe remember to take the picture BEFORE you’re halfway though with your piece.

– Frozen organic Sweet Potato tater tots

– Frozen Spinach

– Chopped Asparagus

– Chopped Mushrooms

– Garlic

– 4 to 6 eggs (scrambled)

-Sriracha (optional)

– Fresh your mostly thawed sweet potato tots into a pie dish. You don’t need oil since these usually have a lot of oil in them.

– Bake this according to package directions plus however long it takes for the center to get firm – this might take awhile but you’ll regret a soggy crust

– Sauté all the veggie filling with garlic and then toss into the pre-baked crust

– Scramble the eggs and pour over the veggies until it fills the pie

– Bake at 350 for 30-60 minutes until the whole is set. (My edges started to burn before the center of the pie was set so I wrapped some tin foil around it exposing the middle to the oven heat)

– Serve with Sriracha

– Smile & enjoy


Yeah, I’m this crazy

One aspect of my 2016 focus on health has been taking supplements every night before bed. I currently take 3 in addition to my daily vitamin. What’s bothered me for a while now is how messy those pill bottles make my nightstand look. So for a few weeks i’ve looked online for a way to display pills within easy reach in a prettier way (I know, I’m crazy). I can’t just keep them in the bathroom or kitchen because I will legitimately forget about them. Then a few weekends ago, I was at Anthro and came across this beauty and it was like the lightbulb went on, the clouds parted, my wallet opened and I was coming home with a plan. I have to say, it’s working out really well. I don’t have to open 3 bottles every night and to the unsuspecting eye, it’s just a jewelry case. Obviously this wouldn’t be a good plan for a household with babies, but until that day comes – welcome to my pharmacy. Josh said it looks like a drug dealing grandma, and he’s probably right; I just choose to believe that’s really hot right now.



What I’m reading 7/25/16

Since I read more than I do pretty much anything else, I like to share snippets of the books I’m reading with you all. Just little phrases that stick out to me.

“I had it all wrong,” he says. “Before I found you, I thought the only way to hold on was to find something to live for. It isn’t. To hold on, you have to find something you’re willing to die for.” -The 5th Wave


img_6039 img_6017
img_6014 img_6018
My sweet smart successful husband has been caught up (along with a large part of the rest of America) in the Pokemon Go craze. Normally new video games means I don’t hear much from him for a few days, but this is a totally different thing. He wants to get OUT of the house as soon as he’s done with work. He wants to walk as many miles as he can for some egg hatch something. For years it’s been hard to get him to agree to work out, and now he’s sneakingly bringing my walking shoes and sun screen when we go to brunch so we can walk around afterwards. Yes, he’s catching Pokemon during this time, but we’ve never spent this much time just walking and talking. So partners of nerds PokemonGo players, reframe this if you’re having a hard time with it. Go with them. You don’t have to play, I certainly don’t; just enjoy the season of video games inspiring fitness and long long walks just holding hands… until they have to catch the next Pokemon.

P.S. I will say though, it’s been nearly 100 degrees every day in Austin and some days these outings seriously drain me. LOL


The office continues

Well, the office/sitting room is coming alone nicely. I have all the furniture I think I’m going to get, but not a whole lot on the walls just yet. Still, I thought I would show you all what’s going where and where those things came from.

img_6047^ChairSide TableDIY PillowOttoman/PoufPlexiglass Sign^

FullSizeRender^Better Shot of the Plexiglass Sign and my cute cat^
img_6049^TV StandSimilar BasketsSimilar TVDrawer Pulls^
img_6048^DeskChairDrawer Pulls^

That’s all for now. I’ll update y’all when I add more to the walls. So far, I’m loving it and I hope you are too.